What is the cost if additional children attend the birthday party?
Per additional child jumper:
$10 for basic party package, which includes socks
$12 for Soartastic party package, which includes socks
$12 per ADULT jumper, which includes socks
Birthday child’s parent(s)- jump for $10 a jumper

Can we bring in outside food or drinks?
Food- only Cake or cupcakes
Drinks- only with a private party ROOM package

Can we jump after our pizza and cake time?
No, after table time, your party time is over.

How long is a party? How long do we get to jump?
-Every party is 2 hours.
-Soar requires the minimum of the final 30 mins be spent at your party area. The party parents can decide how long their party jumps, and how long at the party area.
-We want this to be a custom option for each party 😉

Can we add on a pizza?
Pizza can be added, no later than 24 HOURS before the party.

We have 2 birthday children, can we get an extra birthday shirt?
Yes, but it is an additional $10 and includes a 1 hour jump pass.

Can we use our free birthday jump pass immediately after a party?
No, we do not feel it is a good idea to jump after pizza and cake. Save your pass and come again on another day. 😉

*You can book online yourself, or call for assistance

Are there different prices for ages?
-Yes, children ages 2 to 6 are a set price with a minimum of a 1-hour jump purchase.
-Ages 7 years and older are a different set price, with a minimum of 30 min jump purchase.
-1 yr and under jumps FREE (socks not included) Paying adult must jump with child.
(Toddler time is $5.35 per child,per hour, with 1 adult admission free. Check our website for toddler times for the week. They are subject to change.)

Do we have to use your socks? Can we use another park’s socks?
Soar socks are required but they are reusable!

Do you sell Gift Cards?
Yes! In store only, or we are happy to mail!

Can we bring in outside food or drinks?
No outside food or drinks are allowed to be brought inside, unless approved by managment.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, we have a price bracket based off how many jumpers.

Do you have to reserve your jump time?
No, although during weekends or busy times, we recommend it. This reservation can be filled out and paid online on our website.

Do we have to stay with our kids while they jump?
If they are 13 or older, you can leave and come back. 12 and under, you must stay. However, we will have Parent’s Night Out events throughout the summer.

Do I have to fill the waiver out each time I visit the Park?
No, they are valid for 1 year after you fill it out the first time.

Can I fill out a waiver for another person’s child?
Yes, as long as you understand that you are taking responsibility for that child while they are at Soar.

Does Soar charge sales tax on jump admission?
Yes, Missouri law has changed in the last year for entertainment. Soar must charge sales tax on admission as well as sales tax on concessions. However, some church groups or school groups might be sales tax exempt and not have to pay this tax with the proper documentation.