I love coming here!! This place is fun! My kids have fun...but I don't know who has the most fun..the parents or the kids 😊 It is soo worth it to come here and wear the kids out. The staff, as well as the management, is awesome! There was one employee that had soo much fun with my son. He jumped with him, had a race with him. I don't have one bad word to say about this place! They really love to see kids have fun!

- Local Guide

My 4 kiddos just LOVE this place--and I love that they have fun while being physically active! 😊 They beg to come here as often as I'll take them! 😊 Seriously an awesome place to family fun or to let your kiddos get out their wiggles...especially when the weather isn't conducive to them going outside! Clean facility. Friendly staff! Love it!

Ashley Wise
- Local Guide

I think this is a great place to take kids. It is a good workout for everyone involved. The facilities are somewhat varied and are enjoyable for most jumpers. They have also added a new Ninja course which should be a major Plus for kids who need a challenge. The downsides are that it can be somewhat expensive if you take a large family and it could also be very busy at Prime Times.

Darrell Standlee
- Local Guide

Grandkids love this place! Pictures and pictures. Employees look out for the younger group of children. Sky and bear enjoyed it.

Kelly Palmer
- Local Guide

Soar is super fun! We always have a great time when we go. The staff is friendly and they make sure everyone is following the rules for safety. There is a new obstacle course feature that looks fun, although we didn't try it out because I believe there is an extra charge for that. The jumping area is clean and so was the bathroom.

Sarah Massey
- Local Guide

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